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Instant Pot Official 8-piece Cook/Bake Set 2 Pans, 2 Wire Racks, 2 Red Silicone Lids, 1 Removable Divider, and Removable Base

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$22.52 USD
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$32.53 USD
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$22.52 USD


  • MAXIMIZE WHAT YOU CAN MAKE: Multi-use pans are great for cooking, baking, storing, reheating, plus serving meals; snacks
  • REMOVABLE DIVIDER: Allows you to make several different foods at once
  • REMOVABLE BASE: Features a silicone ring to help prevent leaks, and provides easy removal of foods
  • SNAP-FIT LIDS: Protect food while cooking and perfect for storing food right in the pan
  • PRESSURE-RELEASE TABS: Each lid features a pressure-release tab for releasing steam
  • EXCELLENT EGGS: Egg racks get perfect results every time, for hard- or soft-boiled eggs;
  • MULTI-USE: Use egg racks for cooking eggs and stacking pans
  • DURABLE SAFE: Made from stainless steel and BPA-free silicone; heat resistant to 450 degree F (232 degree C)
  • PERFECT FIT: Compatible with 6-qt and 8-qt cookers
  • Instant Pot not included.

(please be advised that sets may be missing pieces or otherwise incomplete)