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Mainstays 4-Piece Glass Kitchen Canister Set with Bamboo Lids

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$17.99 USD
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$29.98 USD
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$17.99 USD


  • Left out on a countertop or shelf, it’s a revelation to remember how visually interesting grains of rice, assortments of nuts, or granules of sugar can be to the senses.
  • The glass-and-wood design of this canister set is timeless, lending any kitchen a clean and cohesive look that supermarket packaging can’t quite match.
  • Serve loved ones the freshest and most flavorful cereals, snacks, and more Deliver a clean and cohesive design for pantry staples like sugar, coffee, and pasta Lock out staleness and impurities with pressure-fitted bamboo lids Display colorful candy, coarse granola, or other tasty treats with glass canisters
  • Diameter of all jars is 4” across. Heights of four jars are 4”, 5.5”, 7.25”, and 11.75”.

 (please be advised that sets may be missing pieces or otherwise incomplete)