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Pit Boss Legacy WiFi and Bluetooth Controller - Grill attachment

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$89.40 USD
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$149.00 USD
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$89.40 USD
  • Pit Boss Legacy WiFi and Bluetooth Controller -Grill attachment
  • Upgrades most Pit Boss Grills with WiFi and Bluetooth technology
  • Use the Smoke iT app for total control of the grill from your mobile device
  • Equipped with two meat probe port
  • Fitting perfectly into the existing controller slot
  • Compatible with: Navigator Series-(PB850G/PB1150G ) Sportsman Series-(PB0820SP/PB1000SP/PB1100SP) PRO SERIES-(PB820PS1/PB1100PS1) NASCAR SERIES-(PB700NC1/PB1000NC1) PB440D2 PB440D3/PB456D PB440TGN1 PB820D2 PB820D3 PB820XL/PB820ME PB1000XL/PB1000SC3 PB1000SC2 PB1000T3 PB1000T4
  • Power source type: Electric